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For some reason, flashy free agent signings seemingly make fans happier than big trades. That's been especially true this offseason, when lots of fans were under the false impression that the Mets were going to sign not only one, but two of the biggest free agents out there. Face Scarf Protective Neck Gaiter Face Shield Dust Proof Polyester Face Cover Reusable, For MLB Team Texas Rangers face mask The expanded and more challenging protocols have delayed several Cubs in the early part of spring training, including reliever Kyle Ryan, whom the team placed on the COVID-19 list earlier this week. mlbfantasygm.com Team Logo Face Masks MLB Network earlier this week unveiled its top 100 players right now, and four Red Sox stars made the ranking.New York Mets Mask Baseball Face Mask Unisex Balaclava Neck Headwear Variety Scarf Reusable Multiple Filter, For MLB Team Cleveland Indians face mask "It's getting the cast off and then getting the stitches out and starting the rehab and little things in the rehab, and then you go to pick up a ball and you start pushing and pulling and getting to move your arm around and then throwing and so on and so forth and just appreciating those moments when they come and just working as hard as I can to make it go faster," Sale said.Los Angeles Dodgers “The prognosis as we sit here sounds good,” Melvin said. “Our training staff believes we’ll get him here in time in spring at some point, obviously a little bit delayed, but the timetable is for him to be ready for Opening Day. It sounds pretty dramatic and it certainly did to me as well, but the procedure went well and the prognosis is good.” "I feel like we have a really good rotation. And when [Chris] Sale gets back here, it's going to be way better," Rodriguez said. "I'm just going to say don't sleep on us ... I've been up there the last three days with the guys and we look really good, man. ...Kansas City Royals Lange was "pretty sharp," Hinch said, adding he understands "why we're happy with him" as a prospect. The 25-year-old was dealt from the Chicago Cubs to the Tigers in the 2019 Nicholas Castellanos trade.Washington Nationals

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